Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Line and Love Our MacRitchie Forest

"Without the environment, there will be no platform for the arts, sports, businesses, jobs and economy.
All members of this House should be concerned and ask why something as inviolate as our nature reserve, on which we draw free eco-services that make our very existence that much more meaningful, is to be desecrated in the name of infrastructure."
This said by Faizah Jamal during her parliamentary speech as NMP in 2014.
Environmental issues are not restricted to "greenies", that is why when other segments of society speak regarding the environment, they are an important voice as they cannot be dismissed as niche interests from green groups.

This wonderful original song (The Line) by Rani Singam, joins the Love Our Macritchie Forest song in highlighting civil society's concern about the environmental impact of the Cross Island Line (CRL) on the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

I am proud of the fact that these artists have raised their concerns through song.
"Not just about some ole tree
It defines us, you and me"
It then falls on the usually silent majority to share the videos if the principles of where we draw the line bugs them too.

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